Our Mission

To aid in promoting the musical education of the general public through the study and performance of music composed prior to the nineteenth century, including sponsoring and providing concerts of early music in the finest possible performances and at the lowest possible cost to the public.

Our Objectives

  • To familiarize general audiences with pre-nineteenth century musical language and masterworks
  • To dissolve artificial barriers between performers, scholars, audiences and students, and to make the music accessible to all
  • To spark in young people a lively curiosity in early music performance
  • To sponsor promising students at master classes with exceptional performing artists
  • To establish scholarships for private or conservatory study with early music experts
  • To expand the space in our contemporary culture for the richly varied and precious legacy of musical expression from earlier eras

Our Vision

Music has always been with us. It has brought people together in joy, sorrow and celebration, in times both peaceful and troubled, from the beginnings of human society. Early music springs from our fundamental aspirations and relates powerfully to the needs of the present day. CSEM, with its decades of superb concerts, has long nurtured the public interest that has led to the current flowering of music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Today, more than ever, CSEM has a significant role to play in the preservation and development of our musical culture.

The mission of CSEM remains as valid today as it was fifty years ago. We hope to strengthen our contributions by increasing our offerings of concerts and special events, broadening our outreach to young people, and diversifying our educational activities such as master classes and lecture/conversations with experts, while maintaining our commitment to affordable prices.