Arion Awards

In 1990, the Society established the Arion Award to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to musical culture. It is named after the Greek mythical figure Arion, who was tossed into the sea by robbers but rescued and carried to safety by dolphins charmed by his music. See sidebar.

Since its inauguration, the recipients of the Arion Award have included:

  • Charles Coe, poet, singer-songwriter, and administrator at the Massachusetts Cultural Council, who has aided many young artists in acquiring skills necessary for survival and achievement in our difficult cultural climate.
  • David Lapin, Executive Director, and the Community Music Center of Boston, together providing extraordinary music services to the people of the city of Boston and its environs.
  • Martin C. Jarman, logistician without peer, whose services of instrument moving and transportation have enabled the entire Boston area musical enterprise to function.
  • Nicholas Kitchen, extraordinary violinist, educator, musical ambassador, and founder of the famed Borromeo String Quartet.
  • Alejandro Enrique Planchart, exemplary scholar, educator and performer, and the leading expert on the music of Guillaume Du Fay.
  • Kenneth Drake, superlative performer, scholar, and master teacher of the early classical pianoforte and its repertoire.
  • Kathleen Fay, Executive Director of the Boston Early Music Festival.
  • Josephine L. Murray, generous and indefatigable philanthropist and supporter of the live performing arts.
  • Yuko Hayashi, outstanding performer and master teacher of the historical organ.
  • William Dowd, pioneering and standard-setting co-founder of the Boston School of harpsichord making.
  • Daniel Pinkham, composer, performer, musicologist and educator.
  • Friedrich von Huene, maker and scholar of historical woodwind instruments.
  • William Schwann, founder of the premier guide to classical recordings.
  • Leo Beranek, patron of the arts.

Ewrin Bodky Awards

The Erwin Bodky Award was established in 1968 to encourage young performers to seek professional careers and to pursue excellence in the field of early music. The CSEM is especially proud of its sponsorship of so many talented young musicians; in almost three decades over sixty persons have received the Bodky Award, and many of them are now luminaries in the field with extensive performing, recording, and teaching careers.

Holders of the Erwin Bodky Prize

  • 2009:The Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra
  • 2007: Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano
  • 2001: Tanya Tomkins, baroque violoncello
  • 1999: Byron Schenkman, keyboards
  • 1997: Vittorio Ghielmi, viola da gamba
  • 1995: Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord
  • 1994: Jeannette Sorrell, harpsichord, conductor
  • 1993: Peter Sykes, keyboards
  • 1992: Andrew Lawrence-King, baroque harps
  • 1991: Ursula Duetschler, fortepiano (First Prize), Zwi Meniker, fortepiano (Second Prize)
  • 1989: Carla Moore, baroque, violin, Ingrid Matthews, baroque violin
  • 1988: The Locke Consort. Udbhava Wilson Meyer, baroque violin, Mimi Mitchell, baroque violin, Susanne Braumann, viola da gamba, Fred Jacobs, theorbo. The Medieval Quintet. Todd Field, ‘ud, Maria Repas Gonçcalves, soprano, David Greenberg, vielle, Matthew Pass, tenor, Luca Pellegrini, recorder
  • 1987: Sophie Yates, harpsichord
  • 1986: Lorie Gratis, voice
  • 1985: Luc Beauséjour, harpsichord (Scarlatti), Steven L. Stolen, voice (Handel), Peter Watchorn, harpsichord (Bach)
  • 1984: Peter Croton, lute, Richard Seraphinoff, natural horn
  • 1983: Jennifer Paul, harpsichord
  • 1982: Robert Hill, harpsichord
  • 1981: Drew Minter, voice
  • 1980: Joseph (Skip) Sempé, harpsichord
  • 1979: Marion Verbruggen, recorder
  • 1978: Laurence Dreyfus, viola da gamba
  • 1977: Andrew Appel, harpsichord. Jeffrey Cohan, baroque flute, Jeffrey Gall, voice
  • 1976: Sandra Miller, baroque flute, James Richman, harpsichord
  • 1975: Ellen Haskel, harpsichord, The Greenwood Consort. Douglas Freundlich, lute, Ruth Rubinow, viola da gamba, John Tyson, recorder, Kathleen de Vore Tyson, recorder, flute, Nancy Wilson, voice
  • 1974: Scott-Martin Kosofsky, recorder, Jean Lamon, baroque violin
  • 1972: Martin Pearlman, harpsichord The Renaissance Consort. Stanley Charkey, lute, Susan Davidman, voice, Persis Ensor, lute, recorder, Susan Zimmerman, recorder, flute
  • 1971: William Porter, organ, Sarah Cuningham, viola da gamba & Lisle Kuhlbach, harpsichord (duo), Hopkinson Smith, lute
  • 1970: Jane Bryden, voice & Joel Cohen, lute (duo), Preethi da Silva, harpsichord, Roger Evans, organ
  • 1969: Daniel Collins, voice, John Gibbons, harpsichord
  • 1968: Lisa Goode Crawford, harpsichord, David Carroll, bassoon & John Miller, bassoon (duo)